Naomi Breedveld-Rosman

  • Secretarial staff member
  • 6 juli 2022

“I don’t know in the morning what my day is going to look like and that is exactly what makes my job so much fun.”

As a secretarial staff member, you are the company’s business card, the first contact that customers have, in person, by phone or email. Because of the daily work of arranging, organising and supporting the departments, it feels like an extension of the company. The contact with colleagues at home and abroad, from both Beekenkamp and Deliflor, provides the necessary variety in a day, you never know what the day will look like. Together with her three colleagues, Naomi forms a close-knit team in which each has her own tasks and responsibilities.

A central function she has made her own by walking along and taking a look around the various departments over the past year. Naomi finds it important and interesting to know what goes on within Deliflor, encouraged by her supervisor she has been able to take a look into the world of chrysanthemums. For example, what happens after she processes that day’s orders in the system. For her, a press of a button might be half a day’s work for a colleague elsewhere in the company. How does the business process continue, she wanted to know.

The greenhouse was not entirely foreign to her since she started working in Westland from the age of 13e . After a foray into the hospitality industry, she missed the Westland work culture and found her way back through her husband, who works at Beekenkamp Ornamentals.

It is precisely this culture that makes her enjoy going to work. If, for whatever reason, extra hands are needed somewhere in the company, her colleagues are ready to help each other. It sometimes happens that she is packing orders or that, if a colleague is on holiday, she helps out in another department and takes over the planning and distribution of plugs. It can’t be busy enough for her; at hectic moments, Naomi knows how to keep calm and roll up her sleeves.

Naomi is especially proud to work for an innovative company like Beekenkamp Group, a company that moves with the market and with the times. A global company that was put on the map years ago by An Beekenkamp is special and makes her feel proud. A beautiful family business that operates globally but feels like a warm bath because of the commitment of colleagues and management.

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Want to join the Beekenkamp family?

Want to join the Beekenkamp family?